Sunday, 8 April 2012


Travelling around Scotland with my camera at the ready, the raw, natural beauty of this country, at times breath-taking, at other times dramatic and intense, I feel as if the camera and I have become one, as I try to capture the moment.
It is no longer about merely taking a photograph, it has become a spiritual journey and I enjoy the peace that comes with the solitude as I travel, looking for that special, evocative moment that transcends the ordinary and shows the extraordinary. The way that light can cast a glow, or a shadow that becomes a mirror reflection, the drama of a thunderstorm approaching, or the beauty of freshly fallen snow, these moments all have their own beauty which I strive to capture.
I feel that the camera has become part of me and that I am at one with nature, as I look, taking in the surroundings, enjoying the landscape, and then it happens – something within me tells me, this is it , this the moment , this is the photograph. It is truly, for me, a spiritual experience that I feel I must share with others. I hope that these photographs allow you too, to feel that you are transported to the scene, that I have captured the light, the solitude, the … moment.

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